Mk17 Music In The Park is mainly run by two families living in Newton Longville and friends.

They are:

Paul Eveling- Founder

Gypsy Jazz enthusiast and all round musician, Paul is co-founder of MK17 Music In The Park. Paul’s daughter, Kate, has Cystic Fibrosis so MK17 is close to his heart.

John Browning- Founder

Mr Telecaster (Johnny “B. Goode” Browning) is the second co-founder of MK17 who plays rhythm guitar in the popular TOP BANANA band. John is also the founder of the MK17 tagline- ‘Another Triumph!’

Rob Eveling- Technical Director

Rob manages the tech behind the event from power, lighting and sound. Behind the scenes he makes illegible diagrams of sound systems and on the day watches everyone try and make sense of them! Mary, Steve and Rob all work for a Professional Audio Engineering company and donate their time and equipment for free. Check out their website

Stephen Hart- Stage Manager

Steve will be your stage manager for the day and coordinates the bands as they arrive on site. He is the bridge between the sound tent and the stage, dealing with monitor mixes and keeping the stage safe for you to all jump around on. Arguably ¬†the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

Kate Eveling- Social Media

Kate is the face of MK17 in lots of different ways. Behind the scenes she is the main social media admin and keeps you all up to date with what’s going on. On the day you’ll see her running round the field with a video camera or two getting the clips that makes up the annual MK17 MITP video. She has Cystic Fibrosis and shares her experience on her incredibly honest blog- The View From The Other Side (Check it out!)

Chris Browning & Jenny Eveling РStall/Trade Liaison

Both Chris and Jen make up the Stall/Trade team and will be dealing with all your applications. Being the general admin queens that they are, they keep us in line and make sure we haven’t crossed the I’s and dotted the T’s.